How to create a more secure cyberspace?

What’s the lesson about?

You’ve read about countless ways that attackers apply to fool users, counting on their inattention or inexperience. We hope the course gave you awareness, new insights, and the knowledge that even with the slightest suspicion, you should report a (potential) incident.

You’ll now learn how, where, and who to report a possible security incident that occurs at Masaryk University. Every reported issue contributes to creating more secure cyberspace for all users – including you. You’ll discover who to contact at specific faculties (and maybe in your future job as well).

How to report an incident at Masaryk University?

CSIRT-MU (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is guarding cybersecurity at MU. The team will investigate every reported issue as fast as possible and will come up with a potential solution within two days.

It’s always better to report rather than not to. Have you received a strange e-mail from the faculty dean? Does logging into IS seem suspicious? Notify CSIRT-MU even if you’re not entirely sure whether it’s an attack. It's the responsibility of CSIRT-MU specialists to classify the threat. Incident handlers deal with hundreds of reports and false alarms annually. Often it is the user’s notification that reveals a new attack. Thanks to your awareness and reporting, CSIRT-MU can react swiftly, create security recommendations, and alert other users.

report an incident through CSIRT-MU website

  • 1st step

    Identify yourself

    Whether you use private or university e-mail address, always include your name, surname, and university ID number (UČO).

  • 2nd step

    Describe the problem

    Explain the situation in detail: what happened, what is happening now? Every information helps.

  • 3rd step

    Attach evidence

    Include screenshots or fake e-mail texts, including the sender.

  • 4th step

    Send the report

    Use the e-mail address In urgent cases, call our office at +420 549 494 242. Interested in what happens next? Find out at the CSIRT-MU website!

Meet our team of incident handlers

Seznamte se! Náš tým incident handlerů.

Where to find help?

Cybersecurity team CSIRT-MU fights threats at Masaryk University. Every reported suspicion (even those that turn out to be a false alarm) helps to improve security at MU. Besides security incidents, you may encounter problems with the IT services provided by MU, which we mentioned in the previous lesson. In this area, specialists from the Institute of Computer Science will help you (you can find their contact info on their website). Every workplace (including those outside the MU) should provide you with a contact to the local network administrator or an IT department. They are the first to contact if any issues occur. For MU, find the right person here.

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Remember, you are not alone in cyberspace. That implies three basic rules. First, for your own good, care about your accounts and privacy. You never know who’s about to abuse your weaknesses. Second, your behavior influences others. Try to make this influence always positive. Third, never be afraid of asking for help or advice.


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