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Meet the members of the CSIRT-MU Education and Communication Team who strive to raise the level of cybersecurity awareness (not only) at Masaryk University.

To do this, they use one of the most powerful weapons – the spread of knowledge. These people are behind the preparation of the educational courses and articles that you can find on this website. At the same time, they organize workshops and participate in inter-university projects. Moreover, through various communication channels, they share with you their work, news from the cybersecurity world, and the achievements of CSIRT-MU members in science and research.


Barbora Fukárková

She leads the educational section of the CSIRT-MU team. Every day, she looks for the best ways to get key cybersecurity topics and current information from this area to regular users, both in digital and physical environments. For this, she uses her knowledge of education, visual communication, and human-centered design (HCD). Apart from coordinating the team, she deals with, for example, creating user-friendly e-learning environments using modern educational trends. Currently, she experiments with personalization and gamification of educational content. She also strives to maintain the entire Cybersecurity Team's excellent reputation through social networks and websites.
In her free time, she likes to try as many things as possible, especially in the field of arts and crafts. She is engaged in photography and enjoys renovating furniture and her old house. She also likes to work with glass or ceramics or to draw. And sometimes she just relaxes playing games.

Pavel Brejcha

He graduated from Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University. He is currently in his last year of a follow-up master's degree. During his studies, he worked as an intern at the National Cyber and Information Security Agency for several months. He also gained international experience through the Erasmus program, where he spent one semester at the University of Defense in Warsaw. Additionally, he spent one semester working for a non-profit organization in Estonia, mainly focusing on creating educational materials and participating in the organization's activities.
Currently, in addition to working at CSIRT-MU, he is also active in the non-profit organization Fakescape, where he has been focusing for the fourth year on educating students about media literacy and cybersecurity. At CSIRT-MU, he is responsible for educating Masaryk University's academic community and creating e-learning courses.
In his free time, he is interested in modern technologies (not only) in the military and likes to play strategic computer games. In the future, he would like to continue to focus on cybersecurity education. Furthermore, he would like to enter into the technical world of IT.

Dávid Magušin

In the team, he mainly focuses on analyzing user interests to prepare customized educational materials for them. His work aims to help users increase their security in cyberspace in the way they prefer the most. While doing this work, he studies the second year of a master's degree in Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University.
He gained his bachelor's degree at Comenius University in Bratislava and also completed liberal arts at Anton Neuwirth College.
His professional interest is mainly cyber security and raising security awareness - that is why he founded and manages the page "Bezpečák" on Facebook in his spare time. In addition, his great passion is football, playing the guitar, and exercising with his body, which is called calisthenics.

Natalia Peterková

In the Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University, she educates users on cybersecurity. She prepares workshops focused on cybersecurity legal requirements and creates educational courses for the university environment. In her studies, she deals with issues such as information and misinformation, as well as questions related to setting up CSIRT teams. In the future, she aims to deepen her knowledge in these areas to make them understandable to a broader range of audiences in the academic community.
She believes cybersecurity is an area that already affects all aspects of our life and various fields of science and should not be underestimated. Therefore, she thinks it is essential to spread cybersecurity awareness through education.

Kateřina Roch

Kateřina is Barča's right hand. At CSIRT-MU, she ensures that our activities are spread to the public. Besides, she participates in writing educational articles, preparing online courses, managing websites' content, designing their appearance, analyzing data, and playing with the graphics material for social networks. Furthermore, she is also working on translating all the content into English so that we are more accessible, even for non-Czech speakers. She is currently a student in her final year of master's studies at KISK, which she combined with studies in Luxembourg at UniLu.
In the future, she plans to delve into inclusive design and web accessibility.
You can meet her most often in cafés. She enjoys engaging in various creative activities, going for long walks, or visiting cultural events in her spare time.

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