8 Tips for a Safer Summer

If you are planning a vacation during summer, devote it to hobby or just be relaxing, do not forget, that attackers in cybersafe never stop working.

Cybersecurity team CSIRT prepared a summary of some essential tips, that could help you move around cyberspace safely anywhere anytime. These tips can help you with basic prevention, but also in cases when it is urgent.


#1 Tip for a safer journey abroad

Are you about to travel abroad? We have the first tip for you! This tip does not discuss cyberspace safety but can be useful whether you will have an exotic vacation or a business trip. Before leaving, consider filling out a simple form DROZD,(or „voluntary registration of citizens of the Czech Republic when traveling abroad“). Thanks to the data provided, you can get an early warning of any danger or when you need emergency help.

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#2 Sharing moments from a vacation

We all experience it from time to time – whether climbing the highest mountain on our vacation or just having a drink on the beach, we want to share the experience with our friends. We take a few pictures and while they are fresh, we share them on social media.

However, this procedure may not always be the best since these photos and other information can be accessed and misused by the wrong people. For example, for thieves, the key information may be that you are currently abroad, and when you return, you will find an unpleasant surprise in the form of a robbed apartment.

Our team, therefore, recommends not to share holiday photos at the current time, but rather with a delay until you return. What can also help is turning off the function of automatically adding your location to the captured images. If your friends want to look at the pictures, they will not be discouraged by the delay.

#3 Tagging loved ones on social media

A beautiful photo with family by the sea or from a pleasant restaurant after a business trip? Sometimes we all like to share such shots, there is nothing wrong with that. Although, you should still watch out and be careful.

If there are other people with you in the photos, it is always better to ask them if they really want to be tagged, or even agree to have the picture or other information published online. You certainly would not be pleased if your close friend shared a picture where you do not like how you look. By asking, we respect the privacy of others.

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#4 Verifying information and news from the destination

Our team's fourth tip is to verify the information. If you are going to visit a popular destination, we recommend that you read and verify the news that comes from the location. Fake news can spread out fast and may not always be easily recognizable. What should a person do?

For example, download “Surfer's guide to the internet” and don't let fake news ruin your vacation abroad.

#5 Case of losing equipment

Have you ever heard of the Anti-theft function? It is worth knowing about it and having it turned on – it brings many benefits, for example, if your device is lost or stolen. How does it work? Anti-theft can remotely delete data, ring your phone, and display it on a map. Just type “Google Find My Device” into your browser, sign in to your Google account, and confirm. This function is only for Android devices, but a similar service is available on iCloud for Apple.

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#6 Using a public Wi-Fi network

Each of us is sometimes tempted to connect to public Wi-Fi – they are often free, which can be especially useful at a hotel or airport. However, it is important to be careful with this type of connection. It is always recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which will create an imaginary tunnel where a potential attacker will not see inside your communication or passwords. And how to use VPN? 👉 https://it.muni.cz/sluzby/pripojeni-z-domova-vpn

#7 Using freely accessible devices

In this security tip, we will look at computers and other devices that can be accessed by almost anyone, such as hotels and cafes. Although there can be situations when we need to connect, our team recommends using these devices as a last choice. It is never certain whether someone takes care of these computers, and is equipped with basic security features, such as an antivirus program. We never know who and with whatever intentions used them before us.

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#8 Backup data (not only) from a vacation

Unforgettable summer moments are often accompanied by a lot of pictures, videos, and other data, which we would certainly not like to lose, whether by losing our phone or spilling morning coffee on a laptop. That is why we recommend – after unpacking the suitcase and quickly watering the drying plants – to solve the security of these and other data as soon as possible. Of course, we can help you with this here.

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