Cybersecurity as a priority at every age  

Thanks to the cooperation of CSIRT-MU and the MUNI University of the Third Age (U3V), the course “Cybersecurity while working on a PC for seniors” was created in the spring semester. How was the course, and what are the impressions of the lecturers and graduates?​

Safe and secure surfing in cyberspace is not a thing just for programmers, IT workers, or big companies. However, to some, cybersecurity can seem complicated, incomprehensible, and too technical for many people, even though it is a part of our daily work with various devices. But as it turned out, this doesn’t apply to the students at the MUNI University of the Third Age, thanks to the course prepared in cooperation with the Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University.

Thanks to the cooperation between our team and U3V, a course named “Cybersecurity while working on a PC for seniors” was created in the spring semester of 2021. In this course, among other things, the topics such as protection of the device itself, safe surfing on the Internet, or creation and management of passwords were introduced to participants. Despite the initial uncertainty about the audience’s interest in this topic, doubts were quickly dispelled and replaced by excitement. The experience showed that not only the audience’s interest is big enough to fill up the course, but it is even enough to fill two study groups. In the words of the U3V organizer Mgr. Markéta Jelínková:​

"I have to admit that at the beginning, we, at U3V, were a little worried about the collaboration, whether our listeners wouldn’t be scared by this topic and would not be afraid of it. In the end, however, the interest greatly exceeded our expectations, as there were so many substitutes that they would have filled the entire new course. It is evident that seniors are not afraid of cyber security and consider it very necessary nowadays. It was therefore great that the lecturers were flexible and prepared a second group of the course for substitutes."

Mgr. Markéta Jelínková

Professional and human management of the course was provided by members of the cyber security team Bc. Petra Mikulová and Mgr. Miriam Gáliková, whose enthusiasm and time devoted to interpretation and further consultations via e-mail did not escape the attention of course listeners, as described by a course graduate in feedback:

"Thank you for your kind and understanding approach to listeners, your efforts to help us, and your reasonable demands, considering our insecurities and not knowing. Simply for the properly plain approach which I need and appreciate ."


Graduate of the course

Feedback also highlighted that the topic of cybersecurity resonates with course attendees, creates demand for further education, and has the potential to improve the quality of life for many senior users:

"I would like to thank you very much for everything that both lecturers prepared for us. The information was essential and enriching, especially considering the age of the listeners. We appreciate everything we have learned. I am happy that I could take part in the course, and I would like to continue because my computer literacy is low."


Graduate of the course

The course “Cybersecurity while working on a PC for seniors” exemplifies high-quality cooperation between our team and the University of the Third Age at Masaryk University. This collaboration enables experts to expand their field of activity in the educational environment and thus help to pass essential knowledge to a broad and diverse spectrum of people. And as described by Mgr. Markéta Jelínková, the joy of successful cooperation goes across the organizers and participants:

"The final lesson and the evaluation of the course were full of words of thanks, and in the case of our listeners, these are heartfelt words. And when our listeners are satisfied, we, the organizers, are also excited. The cooperation with the Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University was excellent, and we are looking forward to cooperation on further courses."

Mgr. Markéta Jelínková

Raising cyber security awareness and educating the public in this area is one of the crucial parts of our team's mission. It does not stop at establishing cooperation with the University of the Third Age. In addition to seniors' education, we have also been actively involved in activities focused on other age groups. These are, for example, children and youth, for whom we are currently preparing a course dedicated to safe surfing in cyberspace for the MjUNI platform - a university for children. You can check the rest of our courses at, which are accessible to everyone.

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