What if it catches on fire?

We often write that preventing a fire is much better than fighting it. It is still valid. But what to do if a fire does break out? That’s the topic of the last part of the Cybersecurity series from CSIRT-MU.

How to recognize a cyber fire?    

In this case, it is much easier with the regular fire – it always has the same signs. However, this is not the case with cyber fire. There is no guaranteed definition. Symptoms may vary. Please pay attention to the suspicious requests in the e-mail we wrote about last time. Also, be alert when you notice the strange behavior of your device, which may be associated with an infection. For example, pop-up windows, performance changes, encrypted files, or other unusual behavior of your computer. It’s helpful to remember that if you are unsure, it’s best to turn to the experts.

The Cybersecurity Team of MU

The CSIRT – MU team takes care of the cybersecurity of Masaryk University. Fire reporting is literally our daily bread. We deal with hundreds of cases every year. We have it even in the name. The acronym CSIRT actually means Cyber Security Incident Response Team. One of the services we offer to every user is the resolution of security incidents. It can be summarised in three steps:

  1. Reporting Write us about who you are and what problem you deal with. You can also attach some evidence, usually screenshots. The entire process of reporting is straightforward, and it is generally done through this web page. But you can also call us on +420 549 494 242. Don’t be afraid to report the incident to us, even if you are in doubt. That’s what we are here for.
  1. Solution – This part is mainly on us. We will check everything, propose a solution and let you know within two days at the latest.
  1. Lesson learned – For you, us, and other users. Based on your report, it may happen that we will take security precautions or warn other users. By reporting the incident, you can also help MU and other users.

Instead of the conclusion

We can promise you that we will always do everything we can to fight the potential cyber fire. On the contrary, we cannot promise you that it will be enough. Sometimes the flames are unquenchable. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for the user to underestimate prevention and cause considerable problems. So it is good to remind ourselves of the earlier articles in this series, which will serve you well as a cyber fire protection for the 21st century.  

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